Life is a Highway

Life is a Highway

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Malanda TV: Election USA 1964- Barry Goldwater vs Lyndon Johnson: For President

Source: Malanda TV-
Source: Malanda TV: Election USA 1964

1964 was one of the clearest choices for President that Americans have ever had.

The challenger was Senator Barry Goldwater for the Republican Party who was what we would call today a Conservative-Libertarian. ( A real Conservative ) But who back in the 1960s that term hadn't been invited yet, or certainly wasn't well-known. In the 1960s Barry Goldwater was a get big government out of of our wallets, bedrooms, boardrooms, and classrooms, as well as a 10th Amendment Conservative Republican. Which was how Conservatives were defined back then and even by the mainstream media back then. Before the Christian-Right took over the Republican Party, as well as the Dixiecrats moving over to the Democratic Party.

On the other side you had the Democrat Progressive President Lyndon Johnson, who was a real Progressive. Who gave us our civil rights laws, who expanded the safety net for deal with poverty in America which is known as the Great Society programs. Who was anti-Communist cold warrior Progressive Democrat. Not a Socialist who didn't see communism as a threat or who didn't even have a problem with communism. Which is how a lot of so-called Progressives get defined today, since the Democratic Party now has a large socialist faction in it. In many cases social democratic, but in some cases just pure socialist. Who mix in social democracy with communism as far as their own politics.

1964 is what American politics should be about as far as political choice and allowing for Americans to have real choices and clear differences between their political candidates, but people who don't look at politics and democracy as war. But as a competition where you're not trying to destroy your opponent even by making up negative information about your opponent. But by running your own campaign and explaining why you're the best choice for the office that you're running for based on your political philosophy, accomplishments, and qualifications. Not because your'e trying to convince American voters that they should hate your opponent more than yourself. Which is what the Goldwater-Johnson election gave us in 1964.