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Life is a Highway

Life is a Highway

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Rocky IV: No Easy Way Out by Robert Tepper: Great Soundtrack and The Last of The Great Rocky Movie

Probably my favorite thing about the Rocky Series to go along with the fact that its the ultimate sorta start from the bottom. Or coming from the Working Class where nothing is given to you and everything you get out of life, is what you put into it, based on how hard you work and what you are are story. Able to produce, is the soundtrack, all the tracks in this series are great with a real Blues Rock sound which my style of music to begin with, making these movies even more watchable for me. And the song No Easy Way Out is the perfect example of that, where there wasn't an easy way for Rocky Balboa, how far he made it in boxing was determined by how hard he worked and how much he got out of himself and quitting was simply something he never learned how to do and always push himself to the limit, because thats the only speed he knew how to push himself. And the first 3-4 Rocky movies were great, the second half of the first Rocky movie was very good. The first part a little slow for me but the idea of these stories were always sound. A guy starting at the bottom where nothing was ever given to him, climbing the top of the hill.