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Life is a Highway

Life is a Highway

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Danile Noa: Freedom of Choice: The Power To Make Good and Bad Decisions

I've been watching a lot of prison shows and documentaries lately and all of these inmates being profiled. And just looking at the decisions that they've made with their lives, a lot of them being bad where a lot of these inmates. Aren't in jail or in prison for the first time and I think to myself, how better off would these people be in life. Had they just made better decisions with their lives, had they finished school to use an example, had they decided not. To get involved in the life that was partially responsible for them being where they are today, at. The end of the day we are all responsible for the choices that we make, when we are of sound mind. Meaning we control our own actions and know exactly what we are doing, thats what makes choice so powerful. For good and bad, its a power or a tool that can be used for a lot of good and for a lot of bad, depending on how its used. Its a tool just like intelligence or experience depending on how this tool is used, will determine what good and bad will come from it.

I'll give you some examples of the power of choice and good choice, a guy or gal stays up all night. Doing whatever and ends up going to sleep at 2 or 3AM, knowing before they left work the previous day. That they have to be at the office by 8AM the next morning, they have a big project or meeting that they have to be at. That they have to get through successfully for the success of whatever they are working on, because they were up so late the night before. They didn't get much sleep and end up oversleeping and perhaps not waking up till 9AM the next. Morning and end up missing the appointment that they had to be at and end up getting to work at around 10AM. And either lose that client as a result or getting written up by their boss or perhaps a combination of both. That would be an example of a bad choice and a bad consequence comes from making that bad choice. We make choices all the time, good and bad and have to deal with the consequences of them.

A good choice would be the person who got enough sleep the night before and showed up to the appointment. On time or early the next morning, all prepared and ready to go and presents a great presentation and lands that client. The second person made a good choice and as a result a good consequence came their way and even when someone is in prison. Inmates still have the power of choice as well, granted a lot less power of choice then a free person but they can. Still decide for themselves are they going to use their time in a wise way and improve themselves and get their life. Going in a positive direction, especially if they have a release date and prepare themselves for life on the streets again. Or are they going to make a bad choice and keep going down the road that got them to jail or prison. They still have a choices to make even in prison.

As a Liberal Democrat I believe we are best off with all the relevant and best information in front of us. To make choices and decisions for our own lives but even with this power comes responsibility as well. There's no perfect system for how a country and government should be run but Liberal Democracy is the best system to have. Rather then government trying to make these key decisions for us but even with this power comes responsibility and opportunity. Do we use the power of choice to better ourselves and our country or do we use it to make our lives. And country worse off, thats the power of choice.