Life is a Highway

Life is a Highway

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Song of The Heart: Middle of The Night 1959- Kim Novak and Fred March Star

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Jerry Kingsley (played by Federic March) a clothing manufacturer who has his own company who is also a lonely widower whose daughters are all grown up now, meets a young women Betty Preisser. (played by Kim Novak) betty is coming from a bad marriage. She takes work home with her one day and is the receptionist at Jerry’s company. Jerry stops by her apartment to pick up the work that she took home. This is how they meet and end up talking about their spouses and married life, etc. Jerry knows right away that he likes Betty. (What guy wouldn’t like Goddess Kim Novak)

Jerry decides that he likes Betty so much that even though he’s 30 play years her senior and looks like a grandfather and is more than old enough to be her father and that she’s this young goddess who could probably have any man in New York that she wants, has the guts (lets say) to ask her out to dinner. He ends up meeting Betty’s mother, who could be his sister and Betty’s sister, who could also be his daughter. Jerry and Betty hit it off at first, but Betty is not comfortable about dating her boss. (This is the 1950s after all) Jerry thinks that the fact that he could be her kid’s grandfather is the real reason why she might be reluctant.

Both families disapprove of this affair between Jerry and Betty. Betty’s mother calls Jerry, “a dirty old man.” While Jerry’s sister calls Betty, “a fortune hunter.” Betty does share a New York apartment with her sister and mother. Not exactly a wild charge considering that Jerry is a wealthy man. She also calls Jerry a fool, but not a damn fool. (Stuck in the 1950s) Betty’s husband George gets back in the picture and claims he wants his wife back. But she no longer wants him, but not completely ready for a long-term relationship with a man who could be dead before their kids start junior high school. And not sure what she should do.

Middle of The Night is certainly not a great movie. Some of it is pretty cheesy and I can’t figure out what Betty sees in Jerry as a potential boyfriend, especially since she’s still technically married and doesn’t seem to be interested in his money. Jerry, is simply looking for someone to give him a good time and I don’t believe he’s looking for Betty to be his next wife. They both some stuck between moving on and saying that they’ve enjoyed each other’s company and talking to each other and actually starting a long-term romance. This is not about two people who have a lot of self-confidence and drive where they’re going. And I think in a way at least this movie leaves people feeling sorry for them.
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